RTLS Satellite
Tracking Devices

Track asset and inventory items in real-time as they travel the globe.


Real-time Location Service (RTLS) tags are used to track valuable assets in real-time. With an on-board power supply and connection to the internet via LTE, these tags remain connected to the internet and self-report on a user-defined basis.

RTLS Satellite GPS tag

RTLS – Satellite GPS Mobile

This compact RTLS device runs on a satellite network. The I-Connect Satellite RTLS Mobile is a powerful solution for real-time triangulation and 3D asset location tracking. This device works indoors or outdoors and seamlessly integrated into the Apptricity line of Asset and Inventory Enterprise Applications.


  • Interval or 24-hour operation mode
  • Water resistant (IP67 compliant), rugged case with temperature and motion sensors.
  • Hero Certified Device
  • Device Size: 2.7″ x 3.25″ x 1″


advanced satellite tracking icon for asset management

Advanced Tracking

Maximize the visibility of your global assets with a satellite solution. Streamline data directly to the Apptricity software to track regardless of location.

easy to deploy icon for asset management

Easy to Deploy

The small footprint and multi-purpose mounting bracket makes this device easily deployable. With indoor and outdoor capability, you can install directly where needed.

durability icon for asset management


Our RTLS device allows for durability in harsh conditions with operating temperature between -22 to 140°F (It can go to -40 to 185°F but with battery life degradation).



Apptricity has standard API integration connectors into your ERP System of Choice, and more.

Infographic demonstrating Apptricity Integrations

Superior to Traditional Tags

I-Connect devices are superior to traditional passive tags based upon their transmission range, resulting in active notification on a variety of metrics, providing near real-time visibility. Communication through BLE allows for maximum battery life through a more energy efficient protocol. These tags can be read with Apptricity’s Bluetooth® I-Connect Controllers, or with a smartphone running Apptricity Asset Mobile.


Apptricity is trusted by some of the largest fortune companies and government organizations in the world.