Travel and Expense Management with your employees in mind


Apptricity is the Global leader in IoT for Asset Tracking and Inventory Management leveraging Real-Time Capabilities

Keep track of all your travel and expense costs with Apptricity’s Travel and Expense Management Software.

Apptricity’s Travel and Expense Management Software automates how you enter, review, authorize, approve, and audit your expenses. Travel and expense management software benefits everyone from entry-level employees to executives by being easy to use and increasing productivity. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to automate all your corporate travel expenses in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Our agile and flexible platform will ensure your travel and expense management solution readily adheres to your travel and expense compliance standards with our business rules and workflow engine — meaning stress-free implementation with your legacy systems.

With an automated travel expense management system, your company will see an increase in employee efficiency and a decrease in compliance issues. Business rules are set giving employees a sense of freedom and upper management peace of mind.

Research shows that a fully automated travel and expense report costs 74% less to process than a manual report. Now you can redeploy finance staff onto more high-value and urgent work, saving money and eliminating error-prone manual data entry.

Apptricity Travel and Expense Management Features

Increase Efficiencies and Visibility


Travel and Expense delivers true business value without the complexity often found in today’s enterprise software. Cost and efficiency improvements enable you to save money, streamline processes and more:


  • Reduce the cost of expense report processing
  • Reduce general and administrative (G&A) expenses
  • Eliminate double billing
  • Improve internal and external rules compliance
  • Increase visibility with real-time access to data

Audit and Approvals


Adjustable approval and audit workflows automate what are traditionally labor-intensive processes:


  • Electronic routing for approvals and a permanent audit trail of transaction history
  • Automatic escalation based on company-defined thresholds
  • Pre-payment and post-payment audit capabilities
  • Verification through automatic rules compliance and duplicate detection

Web and Mobile based Application


Now employees and managers have a mobile advantage with Travel
and Expense.


  • Employees can add, edit and approve expense reports, managers can approve them, and everyone can view status of
    reimbursements .
  • Employees can even snap a photo of their receipts and attach it to an expense
  • The system also enables managers to add and assign expense
    items to an expense report,

Leverage Advanced Integration


Apptricity Travel and Expense provides the flexibility and convenience you need to streamline and simplify expense processing by providing direct data feeds for automation.


  • Integration with all ERP and Accounts Payable Systems
  • Support for all credit cards, bank cards and Purchasing Cards
  • Built-In daily currency exchange rate for over 160 currencies

Apptricity has standard API integration connectors into your ERP System of Choice.

Apptricity’s API connectors enable our software products to process and consume data from external data sources.